What We Do

What We Do

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What We Do

Wireless Warehouse is your full service wireless retailer. We focus on all main aspects of the wireless/tablet Industry, which includes the following

  • Sales and service for all wireless phones & tablets
  • Carry a complete line of wireless & tablet accessories
  • Unlocking all wireless phones
  • Prepaid activations

Some locations, depending on skill level, staff and resources can also offer PC/Mac & Video Game Console Repairs.

Unlike many competitors which only offer repair services and a minor selection of accessories which limits your potential sales, Wireless Warehouse gives you more options, products and services to sell and ways to earn more revenue.

How We Do It

At the end of the day, our stores repair phones and tablets like other retailers, So what really sets us apart us how we do it – the way we do it: Our look, style, processes, buying power, training, support, marketing and experience.

We have branded all stores with a uniformed look and feel. Our stores are well stocked and full of inventory and merchandise – when customers come in we don’t want to give them a reason why they shouldn’t buy something.

Our company culture dictates our friendly interactions with customers, making sure all customers are satisfied. We believe that it can take years to gain customers’ support, however only seconds to lose one. We strive daily to make sure we meet or exceed our clients expectations, whether it be fixing a phone for a customer and or getting that special case or part they needed.

Our staff is well trained and knowledgeable, our management is hands on and works to get the job done, and is always behind the scenes making sure new systems are updated, ideas are implemented, as well as a complete marketing department working to create ideas, promotions and sales for our stores and to increase revenue.

Our buyer and inventory specialist, make sure we have strategic partners to source the best parts and accessories at the best prices and to make them available to our franchisees so they can run their business.

Encompassing all these facets and points together is what makes Wireless Warehouse a leader.

Why We Do It

Simply put: We do it because we know there is a need for our business strategy and we are here to offer it. Don’t get us wrong, we like what we do – it’s fun, challenging, exciting and rewarding. However ultimately we’re here to build a business. To make it successful. And now it’s time to allow our franchisees an opportunity to be a part of this as well.

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