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Research Shows That

  • 1 in 5 Canadian households has cell phones as their only means of communication with 21% in 2013 from 13% in 2010. (Statistics Canada, Residential Telephone Service Survey 2014)
  • Exclusive cell phone use is prominent in households with members under 35 years old with a rise to 60% in 2013 from 26% in 2008. (Statistics Canada, Residential Telephone Service Survey 2014)
  • The number of Canadian households having active cell phones rose from 78% in 2010 to 83% in 2013. (Statistics Canada, Residential Telephone Service Survey 2014)
  • Wireless revenues in Canada recorded $20.2 billion in 2013. (CRTC, Communications Monitoring Report, 2014)
  • The Canadian wireless market sector revenues contribute the highest quantum (49%) in total national telecommunications revenues. (CRTC, Communications Monitoring Report, 2014)
  • Canada enjoys 73% smartphone activation (J.D. Power & Associates, Canadian Wireless Total Ownership Experience Study, 2014)
  • Canada is currently a world leader in social media network penetration with 82% Canadians on social network. (We Are Social Singapore, Social, Digital & Mobile Around The World, Jan 2014)
  • Approximately 64,100 jobs have been created in Canada in the wireless industry apps generation with a projected 110,000 by 2019. (ICTC, The Application Of Everything – Canada’s Apps Economy Value Chain, 2014)

Devices on Android

Devices on iOS

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Canadian Smartphone Owners

Prefer to get their device fixed locally - 90%
Will go to a large franchise vs. a small shop - 80%
Only deal with professionals - 70%

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