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Schools & Universities

Schools and Universities


For conducting daily business, reaching family and friends, and enhancing security while living on or off campus, you need a fast and reliable phone. However, many of the latest products come with a high price tag that makes buying difficult. At Wireless Warehouse, you have the opportunity to purchase one of the top brands without overspending.


Top Brands


We offer some of the brands in greatest demand with many additional products coming. We also carry a nice selection of tablets that includes various iPad models, each with unique characteristics and features. We also offer batteries, charging cables, charging cubes, screen protectors, and chargers.


For schools and universities, both faculty members and students have extremely busy schedules. In addition to conversations taking place in an office, classroom, dorm, and off-campus apartment, there is always need to get in touch with people while on the move.


High-Quality Repairs


If your mobile phone, tablet, or computer needs repair, we can assist with that as well. Unfortunately, devices break, but if you live in Canada, Wireless Warehouse offers an exceptional repair service that will keep the lines of communication open.


Our company provides an exceptional service backed by a solid guarantee. Some examples of the types of repairs our team of professionals is qualified to make are listed below:


  • Mobile Phones – We offer a wide range of brands and models, including HTC, Blackberry, Motorola, LG, iPhone, Samsung, Sony, OnePlus, Nokia, Alcatel, and Huawei.


  • Tablets – Along with making excellent repairs to cell phones, we provide outstanding service for tablets, such as Acer ASUS, Dell, HTC, HP, iPad, Amazon Kindle, Alcatel, Blackberry, Motorola, and Microsoft tablets.


  • Miscellaneous – Wireless Warehouse even offers repair services for other devices, such as PCs and Macs, mail-ins, and consoles.