Sonim 727908212976 XPand LoudSpeaker

Sonim 727908212976 XPand LoudSpeaker

$99.00 + tax



The Sonim XPand LoudSpeaker (XPand LS) is the latest integrated accessory from Sonim for peoplewho work in both rugged and extremently loud environments. This fully rugged external loudspeakerfeatures a maximum volume of over 100 dB – just as loud as LMR/PMR handhelds – very lowdistortion and Mil-Spec 810G and IP-68 certifications when used with the Sonim handsets. In additionto being fully certified by Sonim, the Sonim XPand LS is also backed by its industry-leading 3-Yearcomprehensive warranty.

Key Selling Points
Tested and proven rugged (Sonim RPS certified)
Extra loud – max volume: 100 +/-3 dBat 4 inches / 20 cm – below 5% at 1kHz frequency
Built into the battery cover – tightly securedto the back of the handset
Ease of use – plug-and-play concept
Drop resistant – withstands a 6.5 foot drop onconcrete from all angles
Water and dustproof – IP-68 – water submersibleto 6.5 feet/2 meters for 30 mins