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Rest assured, with the brilliance and expertise of our technicians, we promise that you will get a fully functional OnePlus device back in your hand upon replacement or repair services offered by us. If your screen is cracked, water damaged issues with the phone, data lost issues, hardware or any software related problem, then just writing to us will solve half your problem. The issues with such devices are unfortunate and require you to spend some money, but we can make one thing sure that you will get the best possible service for your broken or malfunctioning OnePlus device and that too at an incredibly low price.

We encourage our potential clients to send in pictures of their device showing the kind of damage or any other issue that your mobile is facing. This will help us to give you the right quote there and then which will give you the peace of mind. Further, you can compare our prices with other possible services that you can avail and we are sure that you will find us the most suitable option both in terms of affordability and quality of repair services.

Thousands of OnePlus portable devices have already been rectified by our professionals so there isn’t anything about the product which can be a new thing for us to handle. Even, if your phone is the latest one, we have those experts who know your phone better than you actually know it.

We believe in top quality service and there isn’t any issue with your OnePlus portable device which we couldn’t handle.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if the repair stops working?

We’ll gladly offer an exchange if our repair isn’t working, up to 90 days

What if you can't fix my device?

We won’t charge you for the repair, but there may be a small bench fee (for us looking at the device)

What if you don't have a part in-store?

We will get in touch with our OEM suppliers to get the part for you as soon as we can. Orders come in each week, so you won’t wait for long.

When do I pay?

You pay when it’s picked up. For mail-in repairs, you pay after we quote your price.

Will the repair void my carrier warranty?

Yes. If you’re still covered under your carrier’s warranty, our repair would void their warranty.

Will my data remain secure?

Yes. We may ask for a passcode on the device so we can test things but we guarantee the safety of your data.

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