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MIKE Phones

Wireless Warehouse carries a complete line of TELUS Mike phones for all budgets and Needs. If you are looking for a reliable source for unlocked TELUS Mike phones which you can simple replace by inserting your sim card in and using, Wireless Warehouse has a large selection. All phones are either Refurbished or A stock and come with a 1 year or 6 months warranty and come with a battery and home charger. All Telus Mike phones we sell are are unlocked from Nextel which means these units you will not be able to send text messages only receive, All other functions, calls and two way radio work 100%. Regardless of your needs, We have Mike TELUS phones starting @ $69.99 and now any order over $99.99 includes FREE Ground Shipping.

We are proud to supply many service and contract workers and companies across Canada, We are here to help if you are looking for a specific model Mike Telus phone you don’t see, please either give us a call @ Tel. (519)252-7575 or email – sales@wireleswarehouse.ca