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LG Repairs

LG Repairs

If you have a non-working LG handset or a broken one, then Wireless Warehouse can repair it to make it function like new. Our LG phone repairs range is extensive-and we also do screen repairs.

Our expert technicians are capable of fixing the following defects:


  •   Cracked, non-working or broken LG phone screens and their replacement
  •   Problems arising from software
  •   Problems due to hardware
  •   Damage due to water or liquid splashing
  •   Phone case broken due to hard impact
  •   Replacement of camera lens
  •   Faults of the speaker
  •   Problems with the microphone
  •   Signal and ribbon faults
  •   Faults in the keypad
  •   Phone not turning on


At Wireless Warehouse, we use only genuine LG components to repair LG phones. Service is efficient, affordable and prompt. Damaged cell phones undergo a thorough maintenance and repair service. We provide the same high quality of diligent service irrespective of whether it is a major or minor damage.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if the repair stops working?

We’ll gladly offer an exchange if our repair isn’t working, up to 90 days

What if you can't fix my device?

We won’t charge you for the repair, but there may be a small bench fee (for us looking at the device)

What if you don't have a part in-store?

We will get in touch with our OEM suppliers to get the part for you as soon as we can. Orders come in each week, so you won’t wait for long.

When do I pay?

You pay when it’s picked up. For mail-in repairs, you pay after we quote your price.

Will the repair void my carrier warranty?

Yes. If you’re still covered under your carrier’s warranty, our repair would void their warranty.

Will my data remain secure?

Yes. We may ask for a passcode on the device so we can test things but we guarantee the safety of your data.

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