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You are planning to start a business in the Mobile Repair industry and need some advice on how to get started? Wireless Warehouse prepared a quick guide to start your franchise, with a list of steps you should take before opening the door.

  1. Analyze your budget and expect the unexpected

Starting a business involves spending a considerable amount of cash and there is always something coming up that you should be prepared for. Besides the initial investment, there are monthly and/or regular expenses (rent, electricity and other bills, salaries, taxes, insurances, consumables, parts and products orders, etc.) and other sporadic or extraordinary spending that you should try to be as prepared as possible for (call it “Murphy’s Law”, if you like).

  1. Choose your location carefully

One of the most important things when opening a business is its location. Proximity to the customer is crucial, so choosing a location that is both as central as possible and covers an area where this service is of limited availability is essential to generate traffic and build customer interest.

  1. Repair tools inventory

One of the first things you have to take into consideration is having the right tools to perform any repair that may come your way. From regular tools, such as screwdrivers, plastic opening tools and picks (similar to guitar picks) suction handles, adhesives, SIM ejection tools and cleaning products to more advanced tools as digital hot plates and welders, you should have a few tool kits available to handle any type of repair, as well as several repairs simultaneously.

  1. Replacement parts inventory

Something you should avoid is running out of stock of replacement parts, as they are the most essential thing of a mobile repair business. Screens, back covers, batteries and other internal components such as antennas, cameras and buttons should always be part of your inventory, as they provide great margins of profit.

  1. Training and support

If you and your co-workers don’t have much experience yet in the mobile device repair business, some training and practice are recommended. Although nowadays there are plenty of online tutorials (both in video and written form), when you’re opening a business proper certification is required and recommended. For practice, you could look for damaged phones to use as practice material, either by buying damaged phones at a lower cost or performing some “pro-bono” repairs for friends and family.

  1. Choose a few brands and models to start, then expand your reach

Although there are some steps and details which are common to most of the mobile device brands out there, every brand (and, sometimes, different models within the same brand) has its own details and some are easier to repair then others. One way to start is choosing the most sought-out brands (Apple, Samsung, LG, among others) and then gradually expand your range to other brands.

  1. Create a name for your business and be present on the Internet

Name, image and internet presence are essential nowadays. Having a “catchy” name is important for customers to notice you, return and bring new customers along. Image is also very important: keeping your store visually appealing will show the public you are organized and want to provide the best service in the best conditions. As for the internet, in a vast majority of cases it will be the first contact future customers will have with your business, so invest some time and money on developing a complete, appealing and intuitive website where people can get as much information as needed, as well as your address and contacts.

  1. Find the right business partners

For your business to thrive, you need to surround yourself with the right people, whether it’s co-workers, suppliers and business partners. Wireless Warehouse has developed a comprehensive Franchise Program to help you get through all the necessary steps to build and develop your business into a successful endeavor. Join the Wireless Revolution now at:

Also don’t forget to check out our Wholesale department, where you can find the best quality products at the best prices, to make sure your store provides only the best for your customers, while keeping a good profit margin:


Starting a business within the mobile device repair industry can be a profitable bet, with some hard work, training and management skills. However, there are a few things you should know about the reality of the industry in our country. To help you assess that, here is a list of things you should know about the mobile device repair industry in Canada.

Consumer electronics such as smartphones, tablets and computers have become a vital part of our daily lives, so the demand for devices, accessories and services is expected to keep up for the next few years. While device renewing cycles have become shorter (mostly due to brands releasing new versions of their devices on a yearly basis), there is still a considerable amount of customers who will rather have their device repaired instead of purchasing a new one. This is where the mobile device repair services find their market niche, which should be explored in a professional and responsible way to achieve the best results and customer satisfaction levels.

How many repair shops are there across the country?

According to independent studies, such as one performed by, as of April 2017 there were approximately 3,739 repair businesses operating across the country, which translates into more than 11,000 jobs (11,243 at the time the study was performed), so it’s clear that mobile device repairs are still a good bet for those who are looking to create their own job and, hopefully, a few more.

Is this a growing industry? What seems to be the future of the mobile device repair business in Canada?

When we analyze the last 5 years (from 2012 to 2017), the numbers are clear: in Canada alone, the industry has generated $3 billion during this period and, even though the study reports a 0,9% decline in the beginning of 2017, the demand for repair services and accessories is expected to reverse this drop. Also, the fact that there are no companies with a dominant market share in this industry gives newcomers a chance to create their own customer base and, this way, win their share of the market.

How can I achieve the best profit margins and increase revenue?

The mobile device repair industry is a great opportunity to start a business without investing a considerable amount of cash and the profit margins are also appealing, thanks to the difference between wholesale price and retail price on products (repair parts, accessories, etc.) and the service rates. However, there are a few things you should take into consideration, which can help your business stay at the best revenue and profit levels:

  • Maintaining a high technological knowledge level on products (keeping up with all the latest releases and new repair technologies and techniques);

  • Keeping control of your inventory (avoid running out of stock on both repair parts and accessories, as well as other products);

  • Premium goods and services (providing the best shopping experience for customers, as well as professional and effective repairs on their devices);

Join the mobile repair industry with Wireless Warehouse as your Franchise partner!

Wireless Warehouse has been in the industry since 2004, so we have gathered a significant amount of experience from our business, which we can share with you through our Franchise Program. With options starting as low as $49,995, you have different types of store setups to choose from, as well as full support before and after opening your business. Find out all the advantages of the Wireless Warehouse Franchise Program here:


Are you looking to get started on the mobile device repair business? Would you like to know more about it before you start? Then you should definitely check out Wireless Warehouse Franchise Program, the best way to start your business.

Starting your own business can be a highly demanding task, given all the requisites and steps you have to go through even before you open the door. To make sure you don’t get lost on the way to becoming your own boss, finding a good business partner with experience is a smart move; Wireless Warehouse Franchise Program was built with people and entrepreneurs like you in mind.

Why choose a Franchise?

There are a lot of details to think about, especially when you’re starting and needing to make a name for yourself: getting the right tools, the proper know-how and the right people around you are some of the most important steps. Choosing an experienced partner is recommended, someone that can prepare you for whatever may come your way, so that you are prepared to answer any challenge you might face.

The advantages of Wireless Warehouse Franchise Program

Our franchise program can help you get started and gain visibility in a growing market, by lending the experience, tools and brand name we accomplished during the last 12 years to make sure your business starts on the right foot. We currently have three different types of franchises and you can choose which one suits your vision:

Stand alone: as the name implies, “stand alone” gives you the opportunity to open your own store with the Wireless Warehouse brand and image, while fully benefiting from our partnership tools:

  • Full support, both in terms of training and marketing;

  • Stores located in high traffic areas, based on previous market research;

  • Greater ROI (Return on Investment);

  • Marketing initiatives and campaigns to help you get started;

Conversion: this is the format for those who are already inside the Wireless Industry and are looking to breathe new life into their business. By joining forces with us, you can count on a significant set of features and advantages at your disposal:

  • Physical and online marketing support (events, ads, promotions and other initiatives);

  • Personal website within the Wireless Warehouse Network;

  • Help with aesthetics (both with remodeling and visual merchandising);

  • Full control and flexibility of your franchise with the WW brand name;

Carve Out: Wireless Warehouse has developed a new concept for those who already have a retail store but wish to convert unused space into something profitable, like a “store within a store”. This dynamic concept allows you to have a fully working station on a smaller area (between 150 and 600 feet) with all the necessary facilities for both mobile repairs and mobile phone and accessories sales. By choosing the “Carve Out” option you will have access to:

  • Full support for training and marketing;

  • Greater ROI;

  • Special discounts on parts, accessories and merchandise;

If you’re looking to get started (or re-started) in the mobile repair and retail industry, be sure to check out our franchise options to choose the one that better suits your business and entrepreneurial vision:

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