Frequently Asked Questions

[accorgroup]  [accordion title=”How much to fix a broken iPhone 4S screen?” ] $75, and it’ll take about 2-3 hours. [/accordion]  [accordion title=”Can you fix water damage?” ] Yes! We’re experienced with that kind of cell phone repair. Just bring it in to a store, and we’ll look after you. We’ll have to open it up to see what’s wrong before giving you a price. [/accordion] [accordion title=”Do you fix iPhone 5s? S4s?”] Yep. We fix the latest brands of phones. Our experts are always on top of the latest cell phone repair trends and research. [/accordion] [accordion title=”How long does it take?”] Generally, a cracked screen takes a few hours to replace. If it’s a more involved cell phone repair, (Such as a board or housing), it can take up to a few days. [/accordion] [accordion title=”Can you unlock my phone?”] Yes. We unlock most models of phone. Call us to make sure! [/accordion] [/accorgroup]