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Our Business Solutions

Wireless Warehouse is proud to be a wireless solution provider for many businesses, intuitions and agencies,  We pride ourselves on having excellent customer service, selection and pricing.  We have been in business since 2004, Now with eight retail locations throughout Ontario and growing, in addition to having our main office and repair facility located in Windsor, Ontario where all of our repairs are managed from.

We are also members of the BBB since 2009 with an A+ Rating.

Services we offer

  • Free Pickup and Delivery on All Repairs
  • Free Shipping for All Accessory and Device Purchases
  • Flexible Payment Options
  • Assest Recovery – Providing trade in soltuions which make sense
  • Recycling/ Data Wiping –  We can create a solution in which your company can safely recycle old devices and have the data wiped accordingly to meeting privacy laws.
  • Now Introducing – Flat Rate Tablet Repairs

A Few Of Our Clients


Unlocked Phones

We carry a large selection of GSM and IDEN phones suited for your business needs. All available at wholesale. Why pay retail prices?

  • GSM Worldwide Phones (3G, 4G, LTE+)
  • IDEN Phones
  • Two Way Radio

Our Business Solutions

Wireless Warehouse can help with all your wireless needs.

Services we offer

  • Free Pick Up and Delivery on All Repairs
  • Phone & Tablet Repairs
  • Cellular Phone Unlocking, Flashing and Programming
  • Free Shipping for All Accessory and Device Purchases (min orders apply)
  • Flexible Payment Options
  • Asset Recovery – Providing trade in solutions which make sense, Allowing your the company the highest trade in value for your previous used devices giving your company a financial benefit for upgrading and recycling your older devices.
  • Recycling/ Data Wiping –  We can create a solution in which your company can safely recycle old devices and have the data wiped accordingly to meeting privacy laws.
  • Now Introducing – Flat Rate Tablet Repairs
  • Carrier Negotiations – If your company is with a carrier and wants a better plan, upgrade their phones and/or looking to switch providers, let our years of experience work for you and let us work to help find the best solution and result for your company.

Our main focus is Smartphone and Tablet Repairs which allows your company to repair a device for a fraction of the cost of replacing the unit with a new device.  In addition to offering a complete line of Unlocked Phones, devices and tablets  compatible with all service providers, we carry both new and refurbished and include a 1 year warranty. Often purchasing refurbished can save you as much as 50% off the retail price of a brand new unit and will perform the same.

If your company uses smart phones it won’t be long until you will need to have replacement accessories such as Batteries, Chargers, USB Cables, Cases, Pouches etc. By dealing with Wireless Warehouse you will have access to over 5,000 items we stock, as well as the latest and greatest accessories and name brands such as Lifeproof, Otterbox, Zagg, Casemate, Incipio, UAG and more. In most cases the average savings are 25%-40% off regular retail prices.

Cell Phone & Tablet Repair

Wireless Warehouse specializes in fixing all wireless phones and tablets. We are also members of the BBB with an A rating. All of our parts are brand new and original! We’ll work with you to ensure top quality parts are used. We’ll come back with a customized quote for your device. Once you have the quote, our technicians will repair your phone using 100% original parts. You pay when you pick up the phone, and with your business account with us, you can enjoy a generous discount. (Up 10 35% OFF)

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About Us

Wireless Warehouse has been in business since 2004. Since that time, we have seen the need for our services in the business world and have elaborated and enhanced our products & services. How we do business is what set us apart from any competitor. in addition to being fully serviced, we are the single source you call when you need anything handled pertaining to your wireless devices and we are able to elevate time and resources, while reducing the stress that is involved in handling your devices. Depending on your business and level of support we are able to help in anyway.

Today, Wireless Warehouse supplies hundreds of business clients as well as schools and institutions. We have clients we service who have phones ranging from 10 devices to 1800 devices in their fleet.  We work with your existing parameters, most often your IT department to help create a solution that will work for your needs.

Wireless Warehouse has been a member of the BBB with an A Rating since 2009, In addition to having one of the largest facilities in the wireless industry, We do have regional sales/retail locations in Windsor, London and Toronto, Ontario.

Wireless Warehouse has been an integral part of many businesses’ successes when it comes to providing solutions for their wireless needs. We pride ourselves on being the leader and pioneer, providing quality phone and tablet repairs for medium, large and enterprise business clients alike. In addition to now servicing schools and government agencies with their replacement mobile devices, accessories and parts, we encompass all solutions for the ever changing wireless needs of all growing companies. More times than not companies’ wireless phones are more important than office phones, especially for the service related and sales industry who rely on their phones to get them through the day.

Wireless Warehouse will work with your company to help make sure you don’t skip a beat when it comes to relying on your mobile devices.

Our Repair Process


It’s important to look good in the world of business – accessories from Wireless Warehouse will help you and your business look clean and professional. Corporate/Business customers save up to 35%! Contact Us for more.


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Insurance Providers

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We offer a 90-Day warranty on all repairs!

Click Here For More Information on MDM (Mobile Device Management)

We specialize in Business Cell Phone Repairs. We understand what it’s like running a business. We know that you need consultants who know what they’re doing. That’s where Wireless Warehouse comes in. We have the knowledge and training that’s needed to stay competitive in business. We  have certified technicians, all of whom are ready to repair any phone problem in a professional and timely manner.


Top 10 reasons to call Wireless Warehouse:

  • 1. Discounted Prices on Replacement Phones
  • 2. Technical Support
  • 3. Quality Wireless Bill Evaluation Helps Save Money
  • 4. Direct Source Prices for Replacement Parts & Accessories
  • 5. Free Loaner Phones
  • 6. Exemplary Consulting & Advice
  • 7. No need to call or go to Multiple Stores, or call Customer Service. One Source Handles Everything!
  • 8. Expert Repair Services
  • 9. Extended Warranty Program
  • 10. Save Time & Money – Deal With Us!

Business Cell Phone Repairs

Broken phone? Water damage? Whatever the problem, Wireless Warehouse will have it fixed so you can focus on your business.


We go beyond traditional phone repair shops. We meet your business needs at your business’s level. Not the other way round. Business Cell Phone Repairs

Business Solutions

Let Wireless Warehouse handle your business needs. From cell phones & tablets, to batteries & accessories, we’ve got everything you need to get up and running. Small business? Enterprise client? We can fit your specific needs when it comes to all things wireless.