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  • 3.8V 3000mAh Battery for OnePlus 3 A3000/ A3003(BLP613)

    $45.00 + tax
  • Samsung Original Battery

    $29.99 + tax
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    Cellet 1000MAH Portable Charger Power Bank For Android/iPhone

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    NX1 Blackberry Battery

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    EM1 Blackberry Battery

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    JM1 Blackberry Battery

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    MS1 Blackberry Battery

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    CS2 Blackberry Battery

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    LS1 – Blackberry Battery

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    Blackberry FS1 Battery

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  • Sale! Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Battery (LC1DA15WS/2-B)

    Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Battery (LC1DA15WS/2-B)

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  • Sale! Samsung Galaxy Mega Battery (AA1D720xS/2-B)

    Samsung Galaxy Mega Battery (AA1D720xS/2-B)

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Make Model Battery Model # Battery Part #
HTC One S (HTC Ville) BJ40100 35H00185-05M
HTC One V (Primo) BK76100 35H00192-01M
HTC Desire C (Wildfire C, Golf) BL01100 35H00194-00M
HTC One X (+,Endeavor, Supreme, Edge) BJ83100 35H00187-01M
HTC Radar 4G (Omega) BG58100 35H00150-02M
HTC Amaze 4G BG86100 35H00166-00M
HTC Raider 4G (Holiday, Vivid) BH39100 35H00167-03M
HTC Status (ChaChaCha, Cha Cha) BH06100 35H00155-00M
HTC Evo 3D (Shooter, Evo V 4G) BG86100 35H00166-00M
HTC DoubleShot (myTouch 4G Slide, PG59100) BG58100 36H00150-01M
HTC Sensation 4G (Pyramid, Sensation) BG58100 35H00150-01M
HTC Wildfire S (Marvel, A510) CS-HTA510XL 35H00154-01M
HTC Panache (myTouch4G, myTouch HD, Glacier) BTR6400B 35H00142-02M
HTC Incredible S BTR6350 35H00152-04M
HTC Desire HD BD26100 35H00154-01M
HTC HD7 (HD3) BD29100 35H00143-01M
HTC Surround (Spark, Mondrian, HTC7 Surround) BD26100 35H00141-03M
HTC G2 (Desire Z 4G) TWIN160
HTC Nexus 1 (Google Nexus One, Google Phone, HTC Passion, Dragon) Bb99100 35H00132-00M
HTC Hero 6250
HTC Windows Phone 8X (CDMA)
HTC Titan II BG86100 35H00164-00M
HTC One X+ (Evitaire, Endeavor C2)
HTC Windows Phone 8X (Accord, 8X) CS-HTC620XL 35H00199-01M
HTC Rezound (Vigor, Thunderbolt 2, Droid Incredible HD, ADR6425) CS-HT6425SL BTR64258B
HTC HTC 8X BM23100 35H00199-12M
HTC HTC 8S (Zenith, Windows Phone 8S) BM59100 35H00204-01M
HTC One (M7) BN07100
HTC Desire P BB99100 35H00132-05M
HTC Desire Q BB99100 35H00132-06M
HTC E1 Dual Sim Not Show 35H00205-03M
HTC HTC Desire 601 Not Show 35H00213-00M
HTC HTC ONE MINI BB92100 35H00137-00M
Hauwei Ascend P1 HB4Q1HV
Hauwei Prism (Astro, U8651, Prism) HB5K1H
Hauwei U2801
Hauwei Boulder (U8350) HB5I1H
Hauwei U6150
Hauwei U3200 HBU86
Hauwei U8100 HB5A2H
Hauwei Ascend D Quad XL CS-HU9501SL
Hauwei Ascend G312 (myTouch, Unite, U8680) HB5N1H
Hauwei Ascend G700
Hauwei Ascend Mate
Hauwei Ascend W1 HB4W1
Hauwei Ascend Y215 HB5K1H
LG Optimus L5 (E610) BL-44JN EAC61679601 LLL
LG Eclypse 4G (C800G)
LG Optimus LTE (P920, Nirto HD, Eye) BL49 KH EAC61678801
LG Optimus L3 (E400) BL-44JN EAC61679601
LG Optimus L7(P700, P705G) BL-44JH EAC61839001 LLL
LG Optimus G 2600
LG A341 DC111223(L) EAC61638202 LLL
LG Gossip Pro (C660R)
LG Optimus Net (P690B) BL-44JN
LG Envoy L-VX5600
LG Chat C550 (C555) BL-42FN
LG Optimus Black (B, Optimus Black Skype Edition) BL-44JN
LG Optimus 2X (SU660, G2x) FL-53HN
LG Optimus 3D (Thrill 4G, P925, P925G) FL-53HN
LG Phoenix (Thrive, P505) LGIP-400N SBPL0102301 LLL
LG Optimus 3G (CX670)
LG A133 LGIP-430N SBPL0098201
LG Optimus G (E973) BL-T5
LG Optimus S (Optimus V, LS670) LGIP-400N SBPL0102301 LLL
LG Optimus Chic E720 LGIP-401N SBPP0028501
LG Optimus One (Optimus 1, P500) LG IP-400N SBP0102301
LG Wink (T300, Papaya, Cookie Lite)
LG dLite (GD570) LGIP-570N
LG Flick (T320g) LGIP-531A
LG Quantum (C900, Optimus Quantum) LGIP-690F SBPL0101901
LG Sway (GU290, GU290V)
LG Optimus 7 (E900) LGIP-690F SBPL0101901
LG Rumor Plus (GW 370, Neon 2) LGIP-340N SBPP0026901
LG Shine Plus (GW740)
LG Loop GT540 (Swift, Optimus) LGIP-400N SBPP0027404
LG Neon 2 (GT350, Town) LGIP-340N SBPL0089001
LG Cookie Plus (GS500) LGIP-570N
LG Nexus 4 (E960, LG Nexus, Optimus Nexus, Google Nexus 4) LG E960
LG Optimus G (E970) BL-T5 EAC51876947 LLL
LG Optimus G (LS970, Eclipse 4G LTE) BL-T5 EAC51876947 LLL
LG Optimus 4X HD (P880G) BL-53QH
LG C195
LG F4N (A447)
LG Optimus L7 2 BL-44JH
LG Optimus L5 II (L5-2 / Dual Sim) BL-44JH
LG Optimus G Pro BL-48TH EAC62058515 LLL
LG L9 (P769) BL-53QH
LG LG G2 BL-T7 EAC62058701 LLL
LG Nexus 5 BL-T9 EAC62078701 LLL
Samsung Galaxy S3 LTE {CDMA} (SGH-i535) EB-L1G6LLU AA1D1026US/2-B
Samsung Galaxy S3 LTE (SGH-i747) EB-L1G6LLA AA1C606A5/7-B
Samsung Galaxy S2 HD LTE (SGH-i757M) EB585157VK AA1CB15NS/5-B
Samsung Galaxy Rugby (GT-S5690M) CS-SMT759SL EB484659VA
Samsung Galaxy Rugby Smart (SGH-i847) EB524759VA TH1BB10FS/5-B
Samsung C414 (Swift)
Samsung Note LTE (SGH-i717) EB615268VA TH1C210BS/6-B
Samsung Galaxy Nexus (Nexus 3, Nexus 4G, i9250) EB-L1F2HVU NA1DB07FS/4-B
Samsung Galaxy W (SGH-i8150, Ancora, SGH-T679, Exhibit II 4G) EB484659VU THaBa22BS/5-B
Samsung Galaxy S2 Skyrocket (SGH-i727, SII LTE) EB585157VK AA1C815NS/5-B
Samsung Captivate Glide (SGH-i927, Gidim, Galaxy S Glide) CS-SMG900SL EB575152VU
Samsung Galaxy S2 T989 (SII X, Hercules) EB-L1D71BA NA1B92153/4-B
Samsung Galazy Ace (GT-S5830, S5830) EB494358VU TH1B3316S/4-B
Samsung Galaxy Q (SGH-T589R)
Samsung Galaxy Gio (S5660) EB494358VU TH2C601LS/4-B
Samsung Galaxy Mini (S5570) EB494353VU AAC0122ZS/4-B
Samsung Galazy S2 i9100 (i9100) EB-F1A2GBU AA1C802CS/5/B
Samsung Infuse 4G (i997) EB555157VA AA1B607AS/5-B
Samsung Salaxy S 4G (Fascinate 4G, Vibrant 4G, SGH-T959) EB575152LA TH1D806MS/B-5
Samsung i550 (Galaxy 551, GT-i5510) EB494353VU
Samsung T249 (SGH-T249) AB463446BA AA1Z9173S/1-B
Samsung T369 (Linx) EB424255VA EB424255VABSTD
Samsung Nexus S (Nexus 2, Nexus Two, Google Nexus 2, Google Nexus S) AB653850CU TH1SA010S/5-B
Samsung Fascinate 3G+ (Galaxy S, T959D) EB575152VU AA1BA26AS/5-B
Samsung Rugby 2 (SGH-A847) AB663450BA AA1BC037S/4-B
Samsung Galaxy 550 (i550, Galaxy 5, i5503) CS-SMG810SL AB474350BE
Samsung Evergreen (SGH-A667) EB424255VA TH1ZB03NS/4-B
Samsung Focus (i917) EB575152VA AA1ZA23JS/5-B
Samsung Focus 2 i667 EB494865VA TA1C525XS/5-B
Samsung Galaxy Appeal (SGH-i827, SGH-i827D, Galaxy Ace Q) EB464358VA THaCA25US/4-B
Samsung Galaxy Captivate (Galaxy S) EB575052VA AAaZ30nS/5-B
Samsung Galaxy Apollo (i5801, Galaxy, Naos, Galaxy Leo, Galaxy 3) EB504465VU
Samsung Corby Plus (B3410) B3410 AB463651BUCINU
Samsung Gravity 3 (T479, SGH-T479) EB424255VA TH1B215YS/4-B
Samsung ATIV S (SGH-T899M) EB-L1M1NLA
Samsung Galaxy Premier (i9260) EB-L1H2LLU AA1C829PS/2-B
Samsung Galaxy Ace II X (GT-S7560M) EB425161LU AA1C803ES/2-B
Samsung M360 (SPH-M360) CS-SMU420SL AB463446BABSTD
Samsung Galaxy Discover (SGH-S730M) GB/T18287-2000
Samsung Galaxy Note II LTE (SGH-i317, Note II 4G) EB595675LA AA1CA26KS/2-B
Samsung Galaxy Rugby Pro (SGH-i547, Rugby LTE, SGH-i547C) EB-L1D71BA NA1BA03WS/4-B
Samsung Galaxy Note II LTE CDMA (SCH-i605, Note II 4G CDMA) EB595675LU AA1CA26PS/2-B
Samsung Galaxy S3 (T999) EB-L1G6LLA AA1C604AS/2-B
Samsung S275
Samsung T159 (SGH-T159) SA-T609
Samsung S4 (i9500, SGH-i9500) B600BC YS1D4181S/2-B
Samsung Galaxy S Duos (S7562 / Dual Sim) EB425161LU AAbC314HS/2-B
Samsung S3 Mini EB425161LU AAbD031BMS/2-B
Samsung S4 Mini B500AE AA10625PS/2-B
Samsung Galaxy Young EB454337VU LC1C507MS/4-B
Samsung Galaxy Xcover 2
Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 LTE EB595675LU AA1CA11MS/2-B
Samsung Rugby 3 (SGH-A997) AB663450BA AA1Z9185S/4-B
Samsung Samsung Galaxy MEGA B700BE AA1D720xS/2-B
Samsung Galaxy Mega B700BE AA1D720xS/2-B
Samsung Galaxy Victory 4G EB-L1H7LLA AA-L1C811WS/2B
Samsung Samsung Galaxy S4 B600BU YS1D507MS/2-B
Samsung Galaxy Note 3 B800BE LC1DA15WS/2-B
Samsung Samsung i547 new rugby phone EB-L1D7IBA NA1BA19OS/4-B
Samsung Samsung Galaxy Ace 2 E EB425161LU AA1CC28AS/2-B
Motorola Atrix HD (MB886, Atrix 3X, Dinara) EB20 SNN5899A
Motorola RAZR V CIA3522 SNN5788A
Motorola Motoluxe (XT615) BP6X
Motorola Defy Pro (XT560)
Motorola Motogo Flip (WX416) BLI-924-.9
Motorola Motokey Social (EX225)
Motorola Pro+ 4G HF5X SNN5890A
Motorola RAZR HD (XT910) EB20 SNN5899A
Motorola Droid 3 (XT860 4G, XT860, Milestone 3) BF5X
Motorola i412 BT60
Motorola Defy BF5X SNN5871A
Motorola Atrix 4G (Etna, Olympus MB860) BH6X SNN5880A
Motorola Spice (XT300) BT60 SNN5782
Motorola i686 (Brute) BK70 SNN5771A
Motorola Grasp (WX404) BT50 SNN5813
Motorola Quantico (W845) BN70 SNN5837A
Motorola i1 (Opus One) BP6X
Motorola Milestone XT720 (Motoroi) BP6X
Motorola Charm (Basil, MB502, ME502) BT7X SNN5876A
Motorola Droid RAZR HD (Droid Fighter, XT926, Droid Vanquish) EB20 SNN5899A
Motorola Moto X EX34 SNN5923A
Motorola Moto G MOTMBB10BATX SNN5893A
Sony Xperia ion (LT28at) LIS1485ERPC 113875SWXLNS
Sony Xperia U (Kumquat, ST25i, ST25a) BA600
Sony Xperia Arc S (LT18i, LT18a) BA750
Sony TXT PRO (CK15a) BST-43
Sony Xperia Ray (Urushi, ST18i) BA700 018298PTPCLH
Sony Xperia Mini Pro (SK17i) EP500
Sony Xperia Pro (MK16i) BA700
Sony Xperia Play (Zeus, Playstation phone) CS-ERX1XL BST-41
Sony Xperia Arc (Anzu, XPERIA X12) BA750
Sony Cedar (Cedar Greenheart, J108) BST-43 142014SWCNS
Sony Vivaz Pro (Kanna) EP500 0034960TOHLS
Sony Xperia T (LT30p, Xperia Mint) LIS1499ERPC 1214935WTMRS
Sony Xperia Advance (Xperia Go, ST27a) CS-EST270SL AGPB009-A003
Sony Xperia SP 13W15 B50065SWATA
Sony Xperia ZL (C6505, Odin) CS-ERL350SL LIS1501ERPC
Sony Xperia Z1 LIS1520ERPC
Sony Xperia E Dual Sim 31HB3 048438PTPCLM
Sony Xperia J BA900 002523TWXORS
Sony Xperia L BA900
Sony Xperia Z Ultra LIS1520LITC B312093SWUANM
Sony Xperia M BA950
Nokia Lumia 610 BP-3L
Nokia Lumia 900 (Ace) BP-6EW
Nokia Lumia 800 (703, Searay, Sun, Sea Ray) BV-5JW
Nokia Lumia 810 BP-4W
Nokia Lumia 820 BP-5T
Nokia Lumia 920 BP-4GW
Nokia Lumia 620 BL-4J
Nokia Lumia 520 BL-J5
Nokia Flame CS-XPOSML 709FS00848
Nokia Lumia 1020 BV-5XW